Like it or not, training, behavior consulting, grooming and other pet professions – and volunteer activities such as pet rescue and sheltering – are first and foremost people businesses. Just like any other human service business, your success depends on how well you communicate with your clients. In every phase of your contact with your clients, good communication skills are a necessity. From the first inquiry call, to taking a behavioral history, to writing reports, to doing follow-ups, how you communicate with your clients is just as important as your technical skills. If your communication skills are poor, your business, your reputation and your personal satisfaction with your profession will suffer.

Good communication skills can be learned and improved with training and practice. In this webinar we update and expand a webinar we did 5 years ago on this topic, giving you tools to use in dealing with difficult situations as well as everyday interactions. In addition we’ll give you tips and secrets we’ve learned in our 30+ years of communicating with pet owners and other pet professionals. And we’ll talk through a “real life” example that embodies the communication problems we all face from time to time.

In this webinar you’ll learn

  • Common errors that can lead to communication failure
  • Four basic communication skills that you must have to facilitate good communication and get clients to open up to you
  • Techniques for controlling conversations
  • Ways to get better client compliance with your recommendations
  • What’s all this stuff about “cognitive dissonance” and should you care
  • Ways to address particularly difficult conversations such as those concerning client and animal safety, euthanasia decisions, and client dissatisfaction with your services.
  • Written conversational scripts we’ve used in a variety of situations that you can practice using and adapt to your “style”
  • And MORE!

We are also including access to the original version of this course that includes EVEN MORE case examples and questions about communication issues we’ve all encountered including:

  •  misunderstandings about costs and billing
  • language to use to not make the pet appear “bad”
  • how not to embarrass people in class
  • how to get people to understand the seriousness of their pet’s behavior
  • and MORE

If you’ve had difficult conversations that left you or your clients feeling unsatisfied or at odds with one another you’ll learn techniques that will allow you to have a different outcome next time. We are also including TWO “Biscuit” series of articles

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Here’s what you get:

    • Immediate access to the Essential Communication 85 minute video webinar
    • Audio recording and PDF of Powerpoint slides for the first version of the course with MORE examples of using these skills when addressing misunderstandings over billing, awkward and emotional-laden situations, euthanasia and MORE
    • Two sets of articles with examples and specific details of real situations showing you how to use essential communication skills.  The first article set includes skills for:  First Impressions, Establishing Rapport,   Delivering Bad News, Answering Questions.   The second set covers communication examples for emotionally laden conversations, including euthanasia: Slow Everything Down, Handling Emotions: Theirs and Yours, Get Comfortable With Silence and Tears,  Touch Can Be Comforting But Respect Personal Space,  Make Follow-up Helpful, Not Trivial

This course has been approved for CEUs.  Registration is only $39 for ALL of the above resources.


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