Our live courses are webinars.  Webinars allow participants to see the screen from the presenter’s computer so that rather than sitting in a conference room, you can view the power point (or other) presentation on your own computer screen.  If we have full motion video clips included in the course, they will usually be available on the course page, or occasionally we will include a link for you to view a video on a different site.  Many courses include class notes, and the links to them are on the course page. 

You can choose to have the audio portion of the webinar stream through your computer’s speakers, or you may call in via telephone (long distance charges apply, but you can use a calling card [including an international one] offering rates of several cents/minute).  You can communicate with us onscreen through the webinar software, or using the telephone connection.  

 If you register for a “live” class but cannot the “live” session, you will have access to the recorded replay.  Courses are also available “On Demand”, which is the recorded version of the class.  You may still submit questions to the instructors via email.  Your ‘live’ attendance is automatically tracked by our system for CEU purposes, but CEUs can also be earned from the On Demand /replay classes by submitting your answers to the CEU questions asked during the sessions.  Details available after you register.

Recorded replays / On Demand Classes are currently delivered in one of two formats.  In the future, all replays will use the screen-capture format.  You can watch a sample from each using the links below.  

CLICK HERE to watch a sample webinar in screen capture format.

Watch a sample in FLV format below