Here is just a sampling of the many comments we receive from participants of our webinars and telecourses.


" was a wonderful surprise to learn as much as I did, and to enjoy it so much."  Sue L. Wisconsin


"The course was terrific.  I learned so much in such a short time, it was great!"  Christine C. New Hampshire


"I would like to thank you very much for yet another wonderful class. It was educational,informative and fun."    Dorothy L., Canada


"I absolutely loved taking [the course] and got some fabulous tips that have helped me get out of the interviewing rut I was in.  Thanks for doing these courses.Deb M., Nevada


"I recently took one of your telecourses (canine aggression to non-family members) and was very impressed"   Toni P., Arizona

"These were my first …courses and I have so thoroughly enjoyed them! You are all so personable – it's like talking with a friend. The information is wonderful to take in and though I've read it in the books it seems to sink in a little better through discussion. For me being stuck (in the middle of nowhere) in a town with no access to other trainers or educational opportunities – it's great to have this outlet to learn!"  Sandi W.

"Thank-you so much,  I can't tell you how much i have enjoy this series!"  Jana W., Nevada


"Thank you for a very enjoyable and easy to learn telecourse.The last 5 weeks were great and you make learning a a real joy. You [Pia] are outstanding at what you do and I came away with so much useful information.The course really delivers on getting you to think outside the box.Your feedback to all was terrific.  You made everyone feel Safe to participate and come away with some top notch information."  Jim S., Colorado