Shining The Light of Science on Canine Behavior

Instructors: Dr. Dan Estep, and Dr. Suzanne Hetts, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists

To avoid confusion, we recommend reading ALL the information on this page

Do you:

  • Think that prey drive and pack drive really explain dog behavior?
  • Think that behavior problems are caused by dominance issues with owners, or that reactivity explains some dog behavior problems?
  • Want to discover how you can use the methods scientists use to study behavior to improve your effectiveness?
  • Want to know how a better understanding of social facilitation, agonistic behavior and territoriality can help you deal with dogs?

Then this course is for you!

 In this updated, five week version of our very popular course, we’ll introduce you to the methods scientists use to study behavior, and what the latest scientific research can tell us about dog behavior.  We’ll address misunderstood and confusing topics such as genetic effects on behavior, “drive theory” and the always hot topic of social dominance. We’ll cover canine communication in depth, including results of the latest research on factors that influence how adept people are at interpreting dogs’ emotional states, so you’ll be able to work with dogs more safely and humanely, and to recognize how significantly your behavior affects dog behavior.

MORE new information includes: the latest research on guilt and jealousy in dogs, temperament and personality, the effects of aging on behavior, leadership, social bonding, the behavior of feral and stray dogs, the Siberian farmed fox experiments, and the latest on the meaning of dog barks and olfactory communication. It’s time to move away from “pop” dog psychology misinformation, become an educated consumer of information about dogs, open up your mind, and think critically when it comes to what you THINK you know about canine ethology.  The fifth and final week of this course will be open for questions and answers. This is a great opportunity to review, clarify and ask additional questions about the material covered in the previous four weeks.

This is what previous students have said about the course:

“Wanted you to know how much I’m enjoying the [Shining the Light of Science on Canine Behavior] telecourse–the body posture video is fantastic, by the by.”  Francine L.

“I think this type of class format is really cool.  It provides easy access to solid behavioral information.  Suzanne is exceptional at answering questions.  Class members come away with a better understanding of how to explain things to their own clients.” Stefy D., Ohio

This is a great course for trainers preparing for CCPDT certification, veterinary technicians, and ALL pet professionals wanting to expand their knowledge about dog behavior.  CEUs available upon request.

Click here to view the course outline.  The course comes with class notes and recommended readings.

We’ll be discussing canine body language in the course, so we encourage you to learn more from the Canine Body Posture course we developed for Animal Care Technologies (ACT).  It’s available for only $49!  CLICK HERE to view a description and to register directly with ACT.

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