Professional Tactics for Increasing Veterinary Referrals

During the 30 years we’ve had a successful behavior consulting practice, our most important source of referrals was from veterinarians.  Why? Veterinarians are the ONLY pet professional new puppy owners MUST see multiple times while that puppy is growing up.  AND the veterinarian’ is the first, or certainly an early stop, for most people who adopt from a shelter as well.  Pet owners ask their veterinarians questions about behavior and training during almost every non-emergency appointment.

Don’t YOU want your business to be on the referral list for the veterinary practices in your community?  If you answered YES to that question – and why wouldn’t you? – then this course will help you reach that goal.   Here’s just some of the important strategies and techniques you’ll learn to help you be a trusted referral source for veterinarians and other pet related business:

  • What veterinarians want and expect from those they refer clients to
  • How you can demonstrate your skills so veterinarians and others will trust what you do
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competition
  • The importance of respecting professional boundaries
  • Mistakes to avoid that will damage your credibility and prevent you from developing trusted relationships
  • How to handle differences of opinion, keep a cordial, working relationship and avoid alienating people you need as professional partners
  • and MUCH MORE!

Registration Fee: $19.95
That’s a no brainer.  You’ll recoup much more just by scheduling one additional client using what you’ll learn!

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