Professional Business Tactics for Your Behavior/Training Business

That Will Save You Time, Increase Your Revenue and Decrease Your Stress

Instructors:  Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., and Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D., Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists

We know how passionate behavior and training professionals are about helping pets and their people.  But are you as passionate about your business as you are about behavior and training?  While you may not consider yourself a “business person” the fact is – you are!  The question is do you have policies, procedures, and marketing activities in place that allow you to work efficiently, attract clients, be profitable, and allow you to do more of what you enjoy doing – working with dogs and their people (and maybe cats too!)

How many times have you heard, or said yourself   “Dog trainers don’t have much money” OR “You can’t make much money training dogs”.  While we can’t predict how much money you can or should make, we do know we can help you learn to allocate your time and business resources more effectively, and decrease those activities which don’t compensate you financially.

Are you spending too much time on telephone inquiry calls giving away free advice, not converting those calls into appointments, but don’t know how to turn things around?  Are your no-show or cancellation rates too high?   Is travel time eating your lunch?   Are you feeling stressed and resentful because you are giving your all but aren’t seeing your efforts reflected in increased income?  Do you believe you need to “advertise” but don’t know how best to use your limited funds?

We are trained as “academics” but for over 25 years have helped people and pets through our behavior consulting practice, been small business owners, and learned our business skills “on the job” with help from other successful business owners.  During the last six years, we’ve been mentored by business and marketing experts whose businesses make literally millions of dollars.

While we aren’t yet in that financial realm, we have improved our business significantly and are all too familiar with the business pitfalls trainers and behavior consultants face.  In this three session course we’ll cover:

• Your mindset – the most important tactic of all!
• Marketing vs. advertising and which to invest in
• Considerations with setting fees and selling “packages”
• Finding your niche
• What do clients really want to know about your services and how to educate them
• Managing time drains such as phone calls and travel time
• The one tactic that will decrease no show and cancellation rates immediately
• Tactics to grab more referrals from veterinarians and other pet related businesses
• Best practices with clients to avoid misunderstandings and maximize satisfaction
• And much more!

If this class helps you attract just one or two more clients, saves you one or two hours a week, it more than pays for itself.  And over the long run, we’re convinced it will do more than that!

Here’s what just a few participants had to say:

Great info this past 3 weeks… much to get put in place, it really helps to have mentors like you to help make it a little less overwhelming! Thank you!  Gale C.

This was so so helpful.  It is so eye opening for me.  Thank you so very much for helping me learn so many valuable things about business. Jan B.

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?? Just starting out or not quite ready for a three session course?  We’d suggest our one session course on Increasing Veterinary Referrals.  Veterinarians will always be your most important professional partners and it is crucial you present yourself in a professional, credible way.

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