How To Do Court Ordered Evaluations

More and more communities are taking a progressive, or individual approach, when dealing with dogs that bite or threaten people.  Rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach, the courts are ordering these dogs to be professionally evaluated, and using those individual assessments to help decide what consequences both dogs and owners will face.

While this has the potential to be a good strategy, everything hinges on the quality of the evaluation. We’ve seen evaluations done by experienced, good trainers, that are not good evaluations.  Our professional opinion is that evaluating animals for legal purposes is a skill set that requires mentoring to acquire.   We’ve had several mentors who taught us the ropes for legal work and their invaluable instruction has made all the difference.

To perform a court ordered evaluation, you must have a firm basis for justifying what procedures to perform.  You have to know what documents to ask for and who to ask for them.  Your evaluation is only as good as the report you write for the court, and there are several specific goals you must accomplish when you create that document.  Even more important than all those necessities is being VERY clear on what your role is when you do an evaluation.

And finally, you may be called on to testify in court and have your evaluation critiqued and criticized by the opposing attorney, the prosecutor, and read by any opposing expert.

If all that sounds daunting, it needn’t be IF you’ve been properly coached and mentored. Legal evaluations can pay well, and if you develop a stellar reputation for the quality and fairness of your evaluations, you can become the professional in your community the courts rely on. AND create a new income stream for yourself.

Now you have the opportunity to learn How To Do Court Ordered Evaluations in this webinar course. Even if you’ve already done evaluations for the courts, we guarantee you’ll do better ones after learning what we’ll teaching you in this course.  Remember the old adage – sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. What your role is when conducting an evaluation.
  2. What to include in your contract with the entity that is paying you, whether that’s the court, an attorneyor the owner
  3. What documents you should review, where to get them, and what you are looking for in those documents
  4. Do you need a “hands on” interactive evaluation? And if you do, what procedures do you include?
  5. All important safety measures both during the evaluation and for when and if, the dog remains in the home.
  6. How to write your report and what other experienced experts will instantly recognize as weak points
  7. How and when to get paid!
  8. How to avoid miscommunications and contract breakdowns
  9. When to say no
  10. And MUCH MORE!

The live sessions of this 2 part course are completed, but you can still get the benefits by purchasing the recorded replays.

Registration Fee for this 2 session course: $197  (You can recoup the registration fee and more by conducting just ONE Evaluation!)

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BUT before you click the ADD TO CART Button, consider this:  Court Evaluations are only ONE type of legal consulting.  Often, you can submit your evaluation and not have to appear in court to testify about it.  When you are retained as an expert witness in a civil case in which the victim of a dog bite sues the dog owner for monetary damages, it’s a different ball game.  If you really want to develop your legal chops you need our How To Be An Expert Witness In A Dog Bite Case course.  That’s where you’ll learn MUCH more about in-court testimony and how to avoid making BIG mistakes as an expert that if you make them can harm your reputation, cause you enormous emotional angst, and put you in a very difficult professional position.

And while we’ll go over writing up a report about your Evaluation in this current course – and even give you a chance to practice with a homework assignment – if you want to improve the quality of your written reports in ALL aspects of your business add on our “How To Write Professional Behavior Reports” course NOW

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