How To Write Professional Behavior Reports

…in LESS Time That Provide MORE Benefits to Readers and Enhance Your Reputation

Instructors: Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Dan Estep, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists
The class is available ON DEMAND.

Do you send written reports to veterinarians and others who have referred clients to you for help with their pet’s behavior?

What do you include in your written report to pet owners?

Have you ever been asked to evaluate a dog (or other pet)? What do you discuss in your written evaluation?

Are you usually backed up in your report writing, and have a stack of client files you need to update? Do you find report writing tedious and time consuming and put it off as long as possible? The longer you put off writing reports, the fuzzier your memory becomes (regardless of how good you think your notes are!) and the quality of your report writing suffers.

For most of us, writing reports is not our favorite activity, but it is also an extremely valuable exercise that has amazing benefits when done well. The process of writing reports sharpens your critical thinking skills and shines the light on any illogical conclusions or assumptions that could compromise your recommendations.

But it’s not just the process of writing that’s valuable – it’s the benefits a clearly written, well thought out, concise report can have for your clients, your referral sources and your business.

Well organized and tightly written reports can help you

  • Establish you and your business as a trustworthy, knowledgeable resource
  • Serve as a reference and guide for your clients
  • Educate other pet professionals
  • Avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications and
  • Cover your you-know-what should things go sideways

Well written reports can help establish your credibility, enhance your reputation and provide a truly valuable service to readers. Badly written reports will do just the opposite. Reports that are vague, confusing, rambling, mis-represent speculations or hypotheses as facts, include interpretations that are difficult to justify, or that over-step professional boundaries leave readers confused and your credibility in tatters.

But this newly revised webinar will teach you how to avoid those negative outcomes and the pitfalls and traps that await everyone who writes reports. With our 25+ years of consulting experience, we can help you learn to craft GREAT reports that are helpful to everyone.

We’ll teach you exactly what should be included in a behavior report that is purpose-dependent. Knowing the elements of a report removes the barriers to writing and the difficulty just getting started.

The report templates we give you will help you organize your thoughts and speed up your report writing. Less time writing = more time for appointments, other business activities, or just time for yourself!

In this 2 session course you’ll discover

  • The different types of written reports, based on how they’ll be used
  • What should be included in your report, depending on its purpose
  • What mistakes to avoid when writing your reports
  • How to present case reports and how they differ from other reports

And you’ll have the benefit of hearing different perspectives from both of us, about our individual preferences for how reports should be written and used.

As part of the course you’ll also receive samples of actual reports we’ve used in our business, “templates” of reports to make your report writing process easier, and written and audio critiques of student reports (names are NOT shared).

A unique and exclusive benefit to this course is submitting your own behavior report to us at the end of the course that we’ll review and give you feedback on. That way you KNOW you’ll be able to improve your report writing skills, making your investment in the course worth your while.

Here’s what previous students had to say:

“This was my first one and I will definitely take more. The quality of instruction, the amount of class notes and samples, the scientific foundation, the professional experience, the “push” to bring dog training to a higher level are a combination not easily found elsewhere all for a very affordable price and NO travel :>)”
Gitta V.

“This was the most practically valuable course I have taken and I’m excited to put it to use.”
Leea F.



The awarding of the Certificate of Completion is dependent upon attendance at both sessions (or watching the replays), reading all course materials, submitting your report for review, and passing the course tests.

All sessions are recorded and are now available On Demand for you to watch at your convenience.

Don’t forget – Written behavioral reports are essential to any pet behavior consulting or training business. Great reports will enhance that business.  The writing skills we’ll teach in this course are easily transferable to a variety of settings.

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