When The Pet Can’t Stay

Talking to Clients About Euthanasia, Rehoming and Other Options
Presented by Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB, and Daniel Estep, Ph.D., CAAB

There are cases that all of us work with when questions arise as to whether a pet should stay in the home.  These concerns may come from the clients, from us, and/or from third parties.  Very often, all those involved are not in agreement as to what is the best decision for the pet’s future.  Trainers, behavior consultants, and other pet professionals (especially veterinarians) often find themselves in the role of mediator or decision-making facilitator; roles you may not feel comfortable assuming, nor believe you should be in, and have not had the opportunities to acquire the skills needed to do well.

This webinar will identify and describe the skills and techniques we’ve used successfully and learned from working with human services professionals from marriage and family therapy, psychology, and related fields.  We’ll uncover what’s often at the core of the disputes surrounding these difficult decisions including the “tip offs” to look for; how to be clear about your professional limits and boundaries; two “traps” you must avoid getting pulled into; how to be helpful to clients without “getting in over your head”; and how and why to involve veterinarians in any and all discussions about euthanasia.

Good “people” skills are crucial to being successful at dog training and behavior consulting, and the issue of a pet not being able to stay in the home is one of the most delicate and thorniest situations we all deal with.  You’ll finish this webinar series feeling less anxious and better prepared when you face these often emotional topics.

Here’s what Cindy M. had to say about the session:

“I really liked your graphics, from the quadrants, to the “continuum” concept, presenting it to clients, then being able to re-visit that with them at a later time, if necessary. Very helpful for them”

Watch the replay to discover what the quadrants are, “The Continuum”, and MUCH MORE!

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