The Science of Socialization As Compared to the Stories We’ve Been Told

Instructors:  Dan Estep, Ph.D. and Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists

Much has been written about the importance of socializing our dogs and cats.  But what is socialization, exactly?  Is it a process?  Is it an outcome?  Both?  Something else as well?

What sorts of experiences are required to “socialize” a dog or cat successfully?  How do well socialized animals behave? What can they do, or not do, that less socialized animals cannot?

If you talk to pet owners about “socialization” these are important questions you must be able to answer.  With so many different ideas about what people should be doing to socialize their pets, how can you be sure you’re giving the best advice possible?

Like many ideas in dog training, popular information isn’t always in agreement with the science.

In this webinar course you’ll discover which claims about socialization and how to do it are supported by science and which ones are not.  We’ll review both the classic research on socialization, which is the basis for much of what we know about the development of social behavior dogs, and more recent research about both cats and dogs.

We’ll talk about how the science can be translated into reasonable recommendations for pet owners, and what to tell our clients when science doesn’t have all the answers.

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