Help for Home Alone Dogs

Instructors: Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB, CVJ and Daniel Estep, Ph.D., CAAB

Virtually every dog kept as a companion is left home alone – some for more hours than they spend with their owners – yet few are correctly acclimated to the experience.  The result is all sorts of home alone problems and sometimes thousands of dollars of household damage – not to mention self-inflicted injuries to the dogs themselves – caused when dogs are agitated, anxious, panicked, and/or “bored”. Owners of these dogs are distraught over the damage and worried about not only the safety of their pets but whether or not the dog can even remain in the home. 

Help for home alone dogs that actually helps can be hard to come by.  From clichés about a tired dog being a happy/good dog to being “dominant” is the answer, both pet owners and pet pros can easily be confused about what causes home alone problems and what dogs need to learn to comfortably tolerate being left home alone.   And because home alone problems often cause dogs to lose their homes, your behavior and training plans need to be as efficient as possible, and not waste precious time on exercises that won’t help the problem.In this three session webinar course on Help for Home Alone Dogs we’ll review the science on attachment and separation in dogs, and whether the evidence shows  “over-attachment” is really the reason for some home alone problems.  From there we’ll move on to how to discriminate among the variety of motivations for home alone problems, and how to recognize those that “masquerade” as them. We’ll also discuss the often neglected topic of how to support owners whose lives are literally sometimes on hold until their dogs’ home alone problems can be managed.  Finally, we’ll talk about:

  • how home alone problems can be prevented and managed
  • some ideas about adding premium ancillary services that could be life-savers for your clients
  • dissect various behavior and training protocols for home alone problems
  • give guidelines for creating a team approach among professionals to best work with these problems
  • and leave attendees with enhanced critical thinking skills for creating effective and efficient behavior modification plans that meet the needs of the individual dog and owner and improve the lives of both. 

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CBCC-KSA Knowldege:4.5

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