Everything You Need To Teach ’Prepare Your Dog For Your Baby’ Classes

Pet parents contact you when they have problems with their pets.  We know, as you do, that when we delve into the “why” of these unwanted behaviors, we frequently wish people would have called us sooner.  Not only earlier in the course of the development of the problem, but ideally before the problem even existed.

We all know that many behavior problems can be prevented  if we are given the chance to educate people about what pet to choose, how to introduce a new pet to resident pets, how to crate train a dog, how to set up litterboxes and scratching posts cats are likely to use,  how to housetrain a puppy, and more.

A HUGE problem prevention opportunity comes when a couple is expecting a baby.  This is one time when people are likely to think about preparation.  There are Lamaze classes, parenting classes, breast feeding classes and more.  And pet parents also often start thinking about preparing their pet for the baby.

If you’ve been itching to offer classes to help expectant parents prepare their pets for a baby but just didn’t know how to get started or haven’t been able to develop the necessary materials, we’ve solved your problem!

In this unique, updated “Everything You Need To Teach ’Prepare Your Dog For Your Baby’ Classes” package, we’re giving you everything you need to launch your first class for expectant parents right away!

Here’s what we cover in the Instructor’s webinar course:

  • Why would you want to offer “Prepare Your Dog For Your Baby” classes?
  • How to attract interest and market your classes
  • Possibilities for where to hold your classes
    What we cover in the class and why
  • Questions you should be prepared to answer
    How to use the included teaching materials
  • The equipment and props you’ll need to teach your class
  • How-To sell products and additional services during your class
  • Should liability be a concern?
  • and MORE!

We aren’t just leaving you stranded to develop a course on your own.  We’ve giving you the complete course we teach, both online and in person.  Included in this package is the recording of the online course we teach for you to watch and study and use as a template for your own class.

In addition, you’ll get the same, exact Powerpoint slides we use (in different formats to ensure compatibility with your computer) and all the teaching materials you need, from lecture notes to audience handouts.

Here’s everything that’s included in this complete teaching package:

1. The recorded replay of this Instructor’s webinar course

2. The replay of our presentation we’ve delivered live to our classes and that we now sell online so you’ll know EXACTLY what to say and what to teach.

3.  The complete set of PowerPoint slides in 3 formats – the original Powerpoint, and each slide as a jpeg, and the presentation in PDF format.  So no matter what type of computer or tablet you have, and whether or not you have PowerPoint, there’s a format that will work for you.

4. The complete packet of class materials for participants, that includes every quiz and checklist we use and refer to in the class.  The answer key and our comments for the quiz are also included.

5.  A video from one of our in-person classes so you can see how we use our dogs, dog toys, baby dolls and other “props” to demonstrate preparation and introduction techniques.

6. Instructor notes corresponding to each of the slides with room for you to add your own notes

If you’ve never taught these classes you can take the class notes, slides, and handouts just as they are and start registering expectant parents and teaching a class right away.  As you become more experienced and familiar with what audiences in your area respond to best, you have the option of customizing the presentation to better match with your delivery and teaching style.

But with this complete package you’ll have the benefit of our years of successful instruction and experience to start with that gives you a proven solid foundation to really help this audience of expectant pet parents in your community.

All this for price of $99!

This course is available ON Demand for you to work through on your own schedule!

Registration fee:  $99 

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