Bring Out Your Dog’s BEST Behavior in Five Easy Steps

No matter what you’ve tried before AND
even if you think you have the worst behaved dog ever!

Instructors:  Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB,  and Dan Estep, Ph.D., CAAB

For most of us our dogs are family members. And like other family members, even though we love them their behavior can sometimes be annoying and troublesome.

People often complain that their dogs (and spouses or children!) don’t listen to them, behave with spiteful intent, and misbehave even though they know better. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

While not every dog can be Lassie, it’s really not that difficult to have a better behaved dog if you know how your pet thinks, what your pet needs you to do, and how your dog learns best. ALL relationships – including those with our pets – will improve when we communicate better. Research shows that the typical dog owner isn’t very skilled at understanding dog body language.  After this webinar, you’ll not only better understand what your dog is telling you but also how to more successfully communicate back to your dog what you want.

We’ve been told over and over again during our in-home consultations with pet owners about how their dogs behave so much better for us than they do for them. In this webinar, we’ll tell you why and reveal the powerful yet simple techniques we use to bring out good behaviors in the dogs we work with.

In this class you’ll learn:

• The one critical change you need to make in what you do with your pet each day that will significantly increase good behaviors

• Why ignoring bad behaviors won’t always make them stop and what you can do instead

• What TWO things you need to give your dog more of for his behavior to improve

• How you’ve probably taught your dog to ignore the very words you want him to respond to


So if you are frustrated with your dog’s behavior but know deep down that both of you can do better, register now for this On Demand Class and start bringing out the BEST in YOUR dog’s behavior.

Registration fee includes:

—-  Downloadable m4v video file you can watch on your computer, ipad or other mobile device

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—–  Downloadable mp3 file you an listen to on your computer, ipod, or other mobile device

—–  Downloadable “Lightly Edited” transcript of the presentation in PDF format.

As soon as you purchase the class you will  have immediate access to it, you’ll be able to download all the class materials.  CEU’s are currently pending for this course.  You can earn CEUs by submitting emailed answers to questions asked by the instructors during the recorded class.  Additional details are explained in the class.

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