Modular Dog Training Courses: The Wave of the Future or an Instructor’s Headache?

If you teach training classes, you’ve likely struggled with people dropping out as the class progresses.  More and more, instructors are reporting dwindling attendance and falling registrations because people just don’t seem to be able to commit to a 6, 8, or even a 4 week course.

Enter Modular Training Classes.  This structure allows people to enter a course at any point, and to attend on an irregular basis.  But what does that mean for lesson planning and class management?  What are the implications of having a first-time attendee in the same session with someone who’s been training for weeks? How do you plan for a full house, or maybe no one showing up?

Now you have the chance to get these and other questions answered, and to discover how you can adjust the traditional 6 or 8 week dog training course to meet the needs of today’s busy pet owners and increase class attendance and your revenues.

Join us and our friend, colleague, and internationally respected trainer Ms. Terry Ryan, CPDT-KA,  along with three of her interns who will share their hands-on experience with this modular format and their data about their results.

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You can earn CEUs by submitting emailed answers to questions asked by the instructors during the recorded class. We’ll provide the details once you register.

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