Risk Assessment of Aggressive Animals

Instructors: Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB and Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D., CAAB Aggression is one of the most common and serious complaints heard by veterinarians, behavior consultants and trainers. The first thing owners need is an unbiased assessment of the risk that their animal presents to others. Owners need these assessments to make informed decisions about…

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Positive Reinforcement: Beyond Food

Instructor: Kathy Sdao, M.A., ACAAB Facilitated by Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB To use positive reinforcement effectively, a trainer must thoroughly understand what reinforcement means. Too often, we equate positive reinforcement with a piece of food. While this works in many cases, it is useless when a dog is too full, frightened, or aroused to eat.…

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